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Young Love with a Twist:
Charity/Miguel/Kay and the Witches of Harmony

The Story
Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald and Charity Standish are deeply in love. But there are forces which seek to keep them apart. Kay Bennett wants Miguel and is constantly scheming to get him. But that's nothing compared to what Tabitha and Hecuba, two feuding witches, have up their sleeves-these two witches want Charity to join the dark side by killing Miguel!

Why You Need To Watch Right Now
All hell seems to constantly be breaking loose in the lives of Charity and Miguel…and it looks like there's no end in sight! Now that Kay has sold her soul to Hecuba, there's sure to be more trouble in the works for these young lovers. Especially since as part of the deal, Hecuba has promised Kay she'll get Miguel. Then there's the matter of Tabitha and Hecuba's 300 year feud! The playing field is not exactly even at the moment, since Hecuba has her powers while Tabitha has been stripped of her powers. Hecuba has made it clear she wants to cause trouble in Harmony-starting with Kay, Miguel, Charity, Tabitha and Timmy! Read on to find out more about the key players…and print this out to keep with you while you watch!

Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald: Who Is He?
*Popular, heroic youngest son of Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald and Martin Fitzgerald.
*Best friend of Kay Bennett, whom he doesn't realize is in love with him.
*Experiencing first, true love with Kay's cousin's Charity.
*Recently trapped in the mineshaft in which a possessed Charity tried to kill him. Now Miguel, who loves Charity above all else, is convinced it was just a dream. In the mineshaft, Miguel also told Kay that he would have loved her if Charity hadn't come to town.

What Miguel Wants
To spend his life with Charity.

Kay Bennett: Who Is She?
*Scheming daughter of Sam and Grace Bennett
*Has been in love with Miguel since they were kids…will do anything to get him!
*Despises her cousin, Charity, whom she thinks is crazy and does not deserve Miguel
*Knows that everything that happened in the mineshaft was real…including Charity trying to kill her and Miguel.
*Sold her soul to Hecuba in order to get herself out of a sticky situation and also to get Miguel. Now she deeply regrets it.

What Kay Wants
*To get Miguel
*Her soul back

Charity Standish: Who Is She?
*Sweet, sheltered daughter of Faith Standish, Grace Bennett's twin sister, who died in a fire set by Tabitha.
*Came to Harmony after her mother died to live with her Aunt Grace and her Uncle Sam.
*Deeply in love with Miguel.
*Possesses powers of goodness which she does not know of. Will come into her full powers once she makes love.
*Has premonitions, both good and bad, about the people close to her.
*Turned into "Evil Charity" when she put on the pendant which Tabitha gave her. As Evil Charity, tried to kill Miguel and the rest of the citizens of Harmony. Has no memory of any of her evil-doings now that the pendant is gone.

What Charity Wants
*A lifetime of happiness with Miguel.
*To be a normal teenager who is not plagued by premonitions and visions.

Tabitha Lenox: Who Is She?
*A witch who has been wreaking havoc in Harmony for 300 years
*Sewed up a doll named Timmy who came to life, and became Tabitha's unusual sidekick. Tabitha is the only one who knows Timmy is alive.
*Lost her powers when the evil "friends in the basement" punished her for not offing Charity. Can only get her powers back if Miguel dies at the hands of Charity, who will then come over to the "dark side"
*Has tried countless times to get rid of Miguel, all to no avail.
*Created a pendant which would enhance the dark forces in Charity when she put it on. Tabitha got more than she bargained for when "Evil Charity" arrived and tried to kill both Tabitha, Timmy, and the whole town of Harmony when she sank the Prom Boat and then sent a giant fireball to Harmony.
*Banished her old nemesis, Hecuba, to a cave underground 300 years ago. Fears the return of Hecuba into her life.

What Tabitha Wants
To get her powers back! And for this to happen, Miguel must die at Charity's hands. Tabitha wants her powers back so she can bring ruin to Harmony and the ancestors of those who tried to burn her at the stake years ago.

Hecuba: Who Is She?
*An evil witch who was banished by her enemy, Tabitha, 300 years ago.
*Showed Kay, Miguel, Julian, Tabitha, and Timmy visions from her magic mirror when they stumbled into her cave.
*Seeks to bring down Charity and cause lots of trouble for everyone in Harmony.
*Enlisted Kay's help in destroying Charity by making a deal with Kay for her soul!
*Promised Kay she will help her get Miguel in exchange for Kay's help in destroying Charity.

What Hecuba Wants
To bring pain and destruction to Harmony…and especially to get rid Charity, so that she can make her powers stronger and settle the score with Tabitha.

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